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Sedation Dentistry from the Glen Dental Center in Glenview, Illinois is used for patients who sometimes feel anxious or ill at ease when sitting in the dentist chair. However, with the ultimate relaxing experience provided by Dr. Jeffrey Gilmor, patients feel comfortable knowing that they can drift into an anxiety-free state while experiencing a soothing dental visit with the help of sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is used by Glen Dental Center in Glenview and is relaxing, convenient, and most importantly, safe. Best of all, with sedation dentistry in Deerfield, Chicago, Northbrook and Glenview, you can drive home or head back to work after your dental appointment as nitrous oxide wears off within two minutes. Sedation dentistry strengthens the Novocain while enabling patients who have had stressful dental care experiences in the past feel comfortable in the dental chair. With sedation dentistry in Glenview, you will drift off into a state of calm that is anxiety free and very soothing.

Glen Dental does everything to make you feel comfortable during your visit, but some patients have such dental phobia that the anxiety begins two or three days before the appointment. If this is what happens to you, Glen Dental recommends sedation dentistry for an anxiety free dental appointment. Everything from simple cleanings to an entire series of smile makeover dental procedures can be helped with sedation dentistry in Glenview as it allows you to sit comfortably over extended periods so that Dr. Gilmor can complete several procedures in a single visit.

During your sedation dentistry appointment, you will inhale through a small inhaler. Within minutes, you will feel relaxed while experiencing some slight lightheadedness before drifting into a daydream like state of relaxation. You will remain conscious and totally responsive during the treatment. The team from Glen Dental Center in Glenview will make sure that your level of comfort is monitored throughout your dental treatment. Regardless of how long your appointment is, you will wake before you know it grinning from ear to ear because of your brand new smile.

If you have been putting off much needed dental care because of dental fear or dental phobia, schedule a personal consultation with Glenview Dental to discuss the details of sedation dentistry.

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