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Affordable Dental Implants

If budget is a factor in your treatment, we will work with you to bring you affordable dental implants, but not by compromising the quality of treatment. We pride ourselves in helping patients get the care they want and deserve and helping them to fit it into their budget. We will be honest and straightforward about what you need, and won’t try to push you into any treatment. All our costs will be discussed openly and freely. To make it easy, we will provide a no-cost consultation for you to come in, get a rough estimate of what your treatment will cost, and see if it will work for you.

Be Careful When Price-Shopping

Price-shopping for affordable dental implants could end up being no bargain. There are many opportunities for dentists to cut corners in providing dental implant treatment. This is a relatively new field in dentistry, and the standards are evolving. Dental schools are hard pressed to fit much training on dental implants into their already crowded curriculum, so dentists have to seek out this training on their own after graduation, and many try to shortcut this process because the training is time consuming and costly. Many of these cases are treated without an adequate diagnostic workup. The dentist in most cases really needs a three-dimensional CT scan in order to place the implants properly. Otherwise they can end up in the nasal cavity, a sinus, or they can damage one of the delicate nerves that go to the teeth, lips, or tongue. But many cases are treated with only a single simple panographic x-ray. The market also has a number of cheap dental implants parts available. As an example, a generic root form fixture made in the Philippines may cost only $3 to $5. The same fixture, made to the exacting standards required by the American Dental Association will cost the dentist $300 to $500. But using cheap parts invites failure down the road. Screws become loose, fixtures become infected, and long after you are out of the office and the treatment is paid for, you can end up with a serious situation that leaves you unable to chew normally, or even in constant pain. There are also shortcuts that many dentists use for the restorative phase of dental implants treatment. Once the root form is placed and it is ready to receive the tooth or teeth, the crown (replacement tooth) needs to be attached to this root form. Many dentists use stock, one-size-fits-all abutments and attach the tooth to that. This, however, can compromise the fit and longevity of the restoration, and can be hard on the health of the gums. Glen Dental uses custom abutments, custom-made for each patient. While it is more expensive up front, it creates a more long-lasting and healthy situation for you.

Our Advice on Affordable Dental Implants

Don’t price shop in this area. There is a real danger that “affordable” can turn into “very expensive” down the road. Unfortunately, dental implants is a fast-growing area for malpractice lawsuits, because of the widespread prevalence of sub-standard care. Price-shopping by patients puts pressure on dentists to cut corners. Your best protection is to seek treatment from reputable, caring practitioners.

To discuss your options, their costs, and how to make dental implants affordable for you, why don’t you make a no-charge consultation appointment with us today? You can visit our make an appointment page, or simply call us at 847-486-1222.

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