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What to Expect at Your Visit Appointment

The first step towards optimal oral health begins with contacting our office to schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Gilmor or our new Dentist Verena Phillips DDS. Our friendly office staff will assist you with finding a suitable appointment time to come in and see us as well as procure the necessary information to prepare for your upcoming visit. When your appointment day arrives, we will welcome you warmly and will make it a point to meet and exceed your expectations. At Glen Dental Center, clear and concise communication is important so rest assured that we make it a priority to listen to your needs, questions and concerns about dentistry and our practice.

When you meet with Dr. Gilmor, he’ll go over your previous and current health concerns, inquire about any current medications, home hygiene habits and of course, discuss your dental dreams and goals for your smile. The doctor will then perform a thorough oral examination, complete a smile analysis and review current X-rays for abnormalities. Before your next appointment, he will create a personalized plan to help you achieve your desired result. At the conclusion of your appointment, it’ll be the perfect time to schedule your follow-up consultation with Dr. Gilmor or one of his associates. It is at this second appointment where he’ll go over your custom dental plan and present related treatment options for your consideration. You’ll cover: What are your immediate dental needs? (i.e. broken teeth, missing teeth, periodontal disease, hygiene treatments, etc.) What are your dental-related goals? (i.e. a beautiful smile) What else can we help you with to achieve the smile you want? (i.e., replacing silver fillings in the back of the mouth). At the conclusion of this appointment, you will meet with a friendly and helpful financial coordinator who will assist you in finding a payment solution that you will feel comfortable with and that works for you.

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