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If snoring is keeping you or a loved one up at night, you are not alone. More than 90 million Americans have or will deal with snoring at one time or another.

What Causes Snoring?

When you fall asleep, your whole body is relaxed and this includes the soft tissues in your throat. This can result in the vibration of these tissues which makes the snoring sound. When an individual snores there is a partial blockage of the airway. Snoring can be a minor annoyance, but in some cases it can be a sign of a more serious condition where the airway is completely blocked. Sleep apnea requires more advanced treatment than we offer. Although, if you are trying to stop snoring, we may be able to help.

Snoring Treatment

The Glen Dental Center has had success with the Silent Nite® Slide-Link snore guard made by Glidewell Laboratories. This appliance actually moves the lower jaw forward, making more space in your airway. The result is a reduction of the vibrating soft tissues. The Silent Nite® Slide-Link uses special connectors that attach to forms on the side of the guard. Dr. Gilmor will create a model of your mouth and customize a set of forms for the most comfortable fit. This snoring treatment is a non-surgical and affordable way to a better night’s sleep. If you would like more information regarding the Silent Nite® Slide-Link, schedule an appointment with the Glen Dental Center today.

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