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Porcelain Crowns have certainly changed over the years, and if you think all porcelain crowns in Glenview are the same, you would be sadly mistaken. A few years ago, porcelain crowns had to be laid on a metal foundation to hold up to the pressure, however, thanks to 21st century dental technology, Glen Dental Center in Glenview can provide you with dental crowns that are 100 percent pure porcelain. When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Gilmor of Dr. Verena Phillips for porcelain crowns, your teeth will look very natural. So natural that your new porcelain crowns will look just like your real teeth. The translucency and gloss of a porcelain crown mimics the appearance of your natural tooth and thanks to the artistic eye of Dr. Gilmor or Dr. Phillips, your new crown will look just like your natural tooth right down to the character, shape and color. Porcelain crowns are translucent and look just like natural enamel. Unlike porcelain fused to metal crowns, pure porcelain crowns are not baked on to the metal, which requires a more opaque layer that will detract from the natural beauty of the porcelain. Unfortunately, porcelain fused to metal crowns will eventually develop a black line at the gumline. Although dentists will do their best to hide the line under the gum, that technique isn’t always successful. All porcelain crowns are seamlessly bonded making them invisible and without a black line.

Although not all porcelain crowns are as strong as porcelain fused to metal crowns and not normally recommended for continued pressure on molars, they are perfect for front teeth.

Not every cosmetic dentist in Glenview has the technology to fit you with all porcelain crowns as porcelain crowns need to be artistically crafted from a trained cosmetic dentist such as Dr. Gilmor or Dr. Phillips.

Frequently Asked Porcelain Crown and Dental Bridge Questions 

If you would like to have your old metal or porcelain fused to metal crowns replaced, or just want some additional information regarding porcelain crowns, schedule an appointment with the Glen Dental Center in Glenview who will be able to discuss your goals and come up with a plan for your new smile. Call 847-486-1222, or schedule an online appointment today.

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