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Many people are not aware that silver fillings have more mercury in them than silver. In fact, they are nearly 50 percent mercury. The scientifically correct terminology for the material these fillings are made of would be amalgam, which means the combination of some metal with mercury.

Why Some Prefer a Mercury-Free Dentist

The conventional thinking in dentistry has been that mercury is tightly bound in the fillings and poses no health risk. But some people aren’t so sure. Recent studies have shown that small amounts of mercury vapor are released in the mouth whenever you chew on amalgam fillings. And since mercury is a highly toxic metal that is difficult for the body to eliminate once it is absorbed, some dentists are recommending that patients simply avoid the risk and have the newer composite fillings.

The Benefits of Mercury-Free Dentistry

Not only are composite fillings mercury-free, but they have several other advantages. They use bonding technology that bonds them to the tooth, which reinforces the tooth, making it more resistant to fracture. Amalgam fillings also corrode over time and can develop cracks and gaps between the filling and the tooth, as shown in this photograph. When people have old amalgam fillings that are starting to crack and leak, they should be replaced. Not only are they more comfortable, but they look much nicer. Even back teeth show when you smile broadly or laugh, and it’s nice to have everything in your mouth white, the way it was meant to be. See how much nicer the “after” photograph looks on the right with the amalgams removed. Amalgams turn black when they corrode, and they tinge the entire tooth a bluish gray. Composites look beautiful and natural.

For other advantages, please see our page on white fillings.

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