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If you’re missing all your teeth, then you need dentures. People don’t like to admit that—it’s kind of a sensitive subject. Most people who have complete dentures don’t like others to know. And while some brag about how easy it is not to have teeth, the honest truth that some find hard to admit is that most people who are wearing dentures are unhappy with them. Some are extremely unhappy.

The Problem with Dentures

Here are some of the problems people have with dentures:

  • They slip around. The lowers particularly. The uppers are held in place by suction, so they move less, but the lowers just sit on your lower jaw and are held in place by your tongue and cheeks. There is no way to keep either uppers or lowers from moving when you chew or speak, because they rest on movable tissue.
  • They come out. By definition, they are removable. There are sometimes embarrassing accidents where they come out at the wrong time. But even when they stay in place, there is always a worry in the back of your mind that they could slip, and this affects your confidence.
  • Chewing efficiency is reduced. Even with the best-fitting complete denture, you’ve lost 50% of the chewing ability you had with your own teeth. Sometimes its much worse. And as you get older and it gets more difficult to make you a well-fitting denture, you will lose more and more. The danger is that you will tend to restrict your diet to soft foods that are easily chewed and that this will affect your overall health.
  • They often cause sores in your mouth. If you haven’t been missing all your teeth for too long and your denture is well-fitting, this isn’t as much of a problem as when you’ve been wearing dentures for ten or more years. As the lower jawbone resorbs, sometimes all that is left is a sharp ridge that tends to develop sore spots easily.
  • But the worst problem with removable complete dentures is that they cause your jawbone to shrink. Once your body senses that there are no teeth in your jawbone, it begins to dissolve away that bone to use the minerals elsewhere in your body. And not only does this cause your face to gradually shrivel and look much older, but as time goes on it gets more and more difficult to wear a complete denture. With some people, it becomes difficult or impossible to eat normally, and they have to settle for a diet of soft foods. For more information on this process and illustrations, please see our page on facial collapse.

Dental Implants and Dentures

Having your dentures rest on dental implants solves all of the above problems. There are many options for using dental implants with dentures, with all ranges of budgets. At the low end, you can have as few as two dental implants placed in your jaw and the denture can snap on to these. To read more about this, see our overdentures page. For more options, see our denture implants page.

Cost of Glenview Dentures

Our cost to you is typical for the Glenview area, for both removable dentures and dental implants. To ask about costs or to find out which of the various options would work for you, please give us a call at 847-486-1222, or visit our make an appointment page.

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