Frequently Asked Sedation Dentistry Questions

Sedation dentistry using nitrous oxide is a perfect option for adult patients who experience anxiety and fear during dental visits. Patients with certain medical problems like angina, asthma, heart problems, and epilepsy are encouraged to consider the benefits of sedation dentistry. Dr. Gilmor or Dr. Phillips will review your medical history and help you determine if sedation dentistry is right for you. Talk to either dentist about any preexisting medical conditions when discussing this option.

Sedation Dentistry is very safe and is an ADA and FDA approved treatment. Sedation patients are never in any danger and are constantly monitored by Glen Dental. Remember, with our nitrous oxide sedation, patients do not lose consciousness.

Sedation dentistry treatment costs will vary based on your unique needs and length of treatment time. During your personal consultation, Dr. Gilmor or Dr. Phillips will discuss cost estimates with you and present financing and payment options. Our staff will work directly with you to find a payment solution to fit comfortably into your budget.

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