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Cosmetic Dentistry Frequently Asked Questions

Serving Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding areas

What Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Will Give me the Smile I Want?

At Glen Dental Center, our Smile Makeovers are gaining so much popularity because the options are endless. With the latest techniques and affordable financing options, the perfect smile has never been more accessible. Choose from a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments to create the look that best fits your features. During your personalized consultation, Dr. Gilmor or Dr. Phillips, both experienced cosmetic dentists, will give you recommendations and suggest a combination of procedures custom designed to give you the best smile possible.

What Options are Available to fix Chipped Teeth?

At Glen Dental Center, chipped or cracked teeth can be easily corrected with a bonding procedure, a dental crown, or a porcelain veneer. Depending on how deep the chip may be, Dr. Gilmor or Dr. Phillips will recommend the option that will give you the most natural results. Schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation today.

What Options Are Available to Fix Crooked Teeth?

Instant braces, Invisible / clear Braces

What Options Are Available for Missing Teeth?

Dental implants

What Options are Available to Whiten Stained or Discolored Teeth?

The most dramatic option is our Zoom!® Tooth Whitening System, which can target stains with a highly concentrated bleaching solution applied with a special laser light for maximum adsorption. Patients can whiten up to 12 shades in just under an hour! Porcelain veneers, bonding and crowns can also make treated teeth appear whiter.

Are Your Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Affordable?

At Glen Dental Center, we strive to make every procedure we offer affordable to all patients who desire a cosmetic change. We offer flexible payment options and financing plans to fit comfortably into your budget. Contact our financing coordinator today for more information.

Discover the smile possibilities with cosmetic dentistry from the Evanston dental professionals at Glenview Cosmetic Dentistry. Call or email our Chicago, Illinois cosmetic dentist today to schedule your personalized smile makeover consultation.