Choosing Your Glenview Implant Dentist

It’s always wise to choose your health care professionals carefully. But it’s especially important to choose your implant dentist carefully. The reason is that implant dentistry is an especially demanding discipline. And, since it is a fairly new discipline, it is not an officially recognized specialty. In addition, most dentists were not trained in dental implants in dental school. This is knowledge that they have to pick up through continuing education. All of that adds up to a field that could be the fastest-growing area for dental malpractice cases. There is substandard treatment taking place. But you can rest assured that with the Glen Dental Center you are receiving treatment from one of the most respected dental practices in the country. At Glen Dental Center, your implant surgery is performed by an in-house periodontist, a specialist trained in proper placement of the root forms. Dr. Gilmor or Dr. Phillips then complete the restorative part of your treatment. This gives you the highest level of expertise for each phase of treatment.

What to Look For in Choosing Your Implant Dentist

Look for extensive experience with dental implants. This is a challenging field, and you want someone with experience treating you. Look for extensive training in implant dentistry. Any general dentist is licensed to be able to place dental implants, but doing them well requires many hours of continuing education. Look for recognition by the dentist’s peers. When a dentist has a strong reputation, there is a reason for it. And look for someone who will take the time to explain your options and who will be straightforward with you in presenting the risks and benefits of various courses of treatment and what you can realistically expect as a result. Beware of “salesmanship.” You need straight answers.

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