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Implant Overdentures

If you are missing all your teeth you need a denture. An overdenture is simply a denture that is made to be over either natural teeth or dental implants. When an overdenture is made to fit over natural teeth, it usually rests passively on those teeth. This provides a little extra stability, and does help protect the bone from shrinking over the years. But when it is made over dental implants, it usually has some type of attachment to make it even more secure. On the right is a picture of the most basic implant overdenture. There are two snap fixtures that hold it down fairly securely, but make it so that it is also removable. Another type would be one that attaches to the implants with screws.

Implant overdentures solve a number of problems

With removable complete dentures, your chewing efficiency is compromised by at least 50%. In addition, there can be embarrassment if your denture moves around or comes loose. Sore spots can also develop. And, given enough years, your body will gradually resorb your jawbone until there is practically nothing left. Overdentures address all of these problems. The snap-on overdenture pictured above will stabilize the teeth, improve chewing efficiency, and help preserve your bone.

Adding more implants and upgrading to a complete implant reconstruction is the ultimate in replacing your teeth. For more information about all of the options available to you, please visit our denture implants page. Or you may come in for a complimentary consultation. Call us at (847)-486-1222, or visit our make an appointment page.

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