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Question: I am 54 years and I have tetracycline stained teeth – they look gray! I am a coffee drinker as well. Short of porcelain veneers, is there ANYTHING that will help my stained teeth?

What Are Tetracycline Stains?

The antibiotic tetracycline can be a life-saver. It kills a wide spectrum of bacteria. But if it’s taken while the teeth are forming, it deposits in the dentin of the teeth and gives them a permanent gray or brown stain. Sometimes the teeth will be darkened in horizontal bands. Sometimes the darkening is moderate. While tooth whitening will lighten this stain, it has only a mild effect on it and won’t eliminate it, and whitening will never get rid of the banding. The best treatment is porcelain veneers. The photo below shows a very dark color, and you can see the horizontal banding:

Dark tetracycline stains

Beautiful porcelain veneers completely mask the dark color

Covering Tetracycline Stains Requires Skill

Covering these stains with porcelain veneers isn’t easy. It requires extensive experience with cosmetic dentistry, with a strong understanding of color and the use of opaques and translucent materials. Glen Dental has the necessary training and artistic ability to treat tetracycline stains with beautiful results. If you would like more information regarding covering tetracycline stains, contact the Glen Dental Center in Glenview, Illinois today.

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