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Once you become a patient of Glen Dental Center Cosmetic Dentistry, you’ll see how the comfortable care approach improves the dental experience.

Glenview Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality care for a fair fee, in the most comfortable and carefree environment that we can possible create.


Above all, both Dr. Gilmor and Dr. Phillips are committed to the ethical treatment of their patients. Dr. Gilmor, Dr. Phillips and his staff follow the code of ethics set forth by the American College of Dentist:

It is our intrinsic duty to:

  • Value truthfulness as the basis for trust in the dentist-patient relationship (Veracity)
  • Treat all individuals and groups in a fair and equitable manner (Justice)
  • Recognize the dignity and intrinsic worth of individuals and their rights to make choices (Autonomy)
  • Respect the rights of individuals to hold disparate views in ethics discourse and dialogue as these views arise from diverse personal, ethnic, or cultural norms (Tolerance)
  • Be sensitive to and empathizes with individual and societal needs for comfort and help (Compassion)
  • Strive to achieve the highest level of knowledge, skills, and ability within his or her capacity (Competence)
  • Be committed to involvement in professional endeavors that enhance knowledge, skills, judgment, and intellectual development for the benefit of society (Professionalism)
  • Act in the best interests of patients and society even when there are conflicts with the dentist’s personal self interest (Beneficence)
  • Incorporate core values as the basis for ethical practice and the foundation for honorable character (Integrity)

Cutting Edge Technology

At Glen Dental Center, we spend countless hours studying and researching innovations in dental technology. It is an ongoing goal to offer patients the best in cutting edge technology, in order to enhance their experience, improve results, and promote ultimate comfort. Learn more about this by visiting our innovations page.


At Glen Dental Center, we want to make high quality, comfortable dental care affordable for everyone. We’ll work with you to make sure our services fit into your budget, so you can have the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re paying for a simple filling, or an entire smile makeover, we’ll do everything we can to help make dental care affordable. Learn more about by visiting our financing options page.

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