Cosmetic bonding could be the answer if you are looking for a beautiful new smile for that New Years Eve party that you have been thinking about since last year. In just a single dental appointment, you can have a new smile with dental bonding. Dental bonding can repair a chipped or broken tooth or fill a cavity in your front tooth. Dental bonding can even be used for inlays and onlays and to shorten or lengthen a tooth.

The Exam

When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Gilmor, you will be given a comprehensive dental exam that includes an oral cancer screening. Early detection is imperative, especially if you have any suspicious sores or patches inside your mouth. Glen Dental in Glenview will check for anything that may indicate further testing or a referral to your doctor.

During your examination, your teeth and gums will also be checked to make sure they are healthy enough for cosmetic bonding. If you have any sign of gum disease, Dr. Gilmor will address the gingivitis, or the more serious periodontal disease before any bonding can take place. If you have cavities, you may need a simple filling, a root canal, or a crown.

The Bonding Process

If you have been given the green light for cosmetic dental bonding, your teeth will be photographed so that Dr. Gilmor can get the precise measurements of the tooth or teeth that are to be bonded. Your teeth will be etched with a solution so that the bonding will better adhere to your tooth. Dr. Gilmor will apply a cosmetic dental resin that has been matched to the shade of your natural teeth and/or your other dental restorations. After the bonding has been sculpted into place a light or laser will be used to harden the bonding. Once the material hardens, the cosmetic bonding will be filed and polished giving you a natural looking tooth, filling or crown.

If you would like more information regarding cosmetic dental bonding, call or click and schedule an appointment with Glen Dental today.

Happy Holidays from Glen View Dental!