Tooth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in the world with people all over the globe spending billions of dollars on tooth whitening products.

Over the counter toothpastes, gels, strips, and rinses are being scooped up off pharmacy shelves in the quest for the all-important Hollywood Smile.

In the past, people had to wait weeks for a beautiful white grin, but thanks to modern dental technology, you can have a smile that is up to 12 shades lighter during your lunch hour.

Zoom!® is the amazing in office whitening system that is fast, easy and effective. Unlike those products that you will find at your local pharmacy, in office chairside tooth whitening doesn’t take weeks to give you a brighter smile.

Tobacco use, that red wine you have every night with dinner and even age can cause tooth discoloration, but thanks to Zoom!® you can have a gorgeous new smile in a single dental appointment.

Those over the counter tooth whitening products contain the same bleaching agents as Zoom!® however, because they are non-prescription do not have the same amount of hydrogen peroxide that Zoom!® does.

The whitening gel that is applied to your teeth in the dentist’s office is safe, but much more potent. Once the gel is applied to your teeth, Dr. Jeffry Gilmore will use a laser light to activate the tooth whitening gel for instant lightening of the enamel and dental.

Zoom!® is not recommended for patients under 18 or for women who are pregnant. Zoom!® whitening may not work on intrinsic, or interior stains or dental restorations.

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