If those holiday party invitations are making you cringe because of your smile, it is time to call and schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Glen Dental Center.

Your grin is the first thing that people notice when you walk into a room, and if you are too shy to show your teeth when you smile, it’s time to call in the professionals from Glen Dental Center in Glenview.

Cosmetic Dentistry is more affordable than you think and depending on your particular situation, could be handled in one or two appointments.

Some of the different types of Cosmetic Dentistry include tooth whitening, which is the most popular, dental or porcelain veneers, in lays and onlays, dental bridges, tooth colored fillings, tooth bonding, dental implants, and Invisalign.

During your appointment with the Glen Dental Center, your dentist will give you a thorough dental examination to make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy enough for Cosmetic Dentistry. If you are given the go ahead, your dentist will determine what type of procedure would be best for your particular needs. In some cases, all you may need is Zoom!

Zoom! is a chairside tooth whitening procedure that can be done on your lunch hour. With Zoom! Your teeth can be lightened up to twelve shades in just less than sixty minutes.

Unlike those over the counter tooth whitening products, Zoom! has very high levels of the tooth-whitening agent, hydrogen peroxide. The gel that is used is quite safe and applied to the teeth before using a laser light to activate the gel. The results are immediate and will lighten both the enamel and the dentin. Over the counter tooth whitening products can take weeks or months before you will see any results.

Another Cosmetic Dental procedure that may be recommended by Glen Dental Center is known as dental or tooth bonding.

Dental bonding can usually be done in a single dental appointment and is used for chips, cracks and to fill those spaces between your teeth. Tooth Bonding can also be used to replace your silver amalgam fillings.

Tooth Bonding is an affordable solution that gives natural looking results when it comes to tooth discoloration, chips, and cracks. You can even change the shape and size of your teeth with dental bonding. Although not as strong as dental veneers, tooth or dental bonding can give you dramatic results in as little as one or two appointments.

Treat yourself to a new smile and schedule an appointment for a Cosmetic Dentistry consultation with the Glen Dental Center in Glenview today.