Mercury free dentistry isn’t a fad and although the American Dental Association has deemed silver amalgam fillings safe, dentists everywhere are removing silver amalgam fillings and replacing them with tooth colored composite fillings that are mercury free. However, that isn’t the only advantage to tooth colored fillings.

What is Mercury Free Dentistry?

With the bonding technology used by Dr. Jeffrey Gilmor and Dr Verena Phillips, your new fillings are bonded directly to the tooth making them stronger and less resistant to cracks and chips. Over time, those silver amalgam fillings will corrode and leak developing gaps and cracks. Those cracks between your tooth and the filling allow decay to enter the tooth making the healthy part of it susceptible to decay.

Why a Mercury Free Dentist

According to your dentist in Chicago, mercury vapor is released in our mouth every time you chew. Although some see the amounts of vapor as harmless, others disagree. Because mercury is so toxic, your body has a tough time getting rid of it. Some dentists recommend avoiding it all together in favor of tooth colored composite fillings.

Mercury Free Dentistry Has its Benefits

Silver fillings aren’t attractive, especially when you smile. After a while, your silver fillings will turn black from corrosion. This makes your whole tooth look gray. aesthetics aside, tooth colored fillings are safer and don’t allow decay to leak into the healthy part of the tooth.

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